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Achatinella Alphabet Case with Sentence
.Achatinella Alphabet and Sentence I, The Whitney Museum of American Art
Achatinella Shell Letter N
Achatinella Shell Letter R
Achatinella Alphabet
I became interested in the markings of the Achatinella shells because they seemed to me as a form of writing. These tree snails –Achatinella for Hawaii, Liguus for the Caribbean Islands and the Florida Everglades– are thought to record the events in their lives through a sequence of different bands of color produced by their genetic lines, environment, weather variations and feeding habits: like an autobiographical diary. I began gathering these shells in the Everglades, where I bought them in small towns and Seminole fairs. From dozens of these shells, I selected the twenty six most distinct, assigned them a letter of the alphabet, from A to Z, and, thinking of Charles Darwin’s horseback travels, I wrote the first sentence:

Leandro Katz, Notes, 1982 - The Judas Window, installation, Whitney Museum of American Art
Achatinella Sentence Man On Horseback
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