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CROWD 7X7 (l974, released 1976) l6mm., 14 min., black and white, silent

LOS ANGELES STATION (l970, released 1976) l6mm., l0 min., color, silent. flashCanyon Cinema

TWELVE MOONS (& 365 SUNSETS) (l976), S8, 29 min., toned b&w, silent, audiotape on installation version.

MOONSHOTS (l976) l6mm., l7 min., color, silent

FALL (l976) l6mm., 10 min., color, silent, with a brief musical passage by D'Indy at the end.

PARIS HAS CHANGED A LOT (l976) l6mm., 21 min., color, film for a vertical screen. Music by Richard Landy.

SPLITS (l978) l6mm., 25 min., color, sound. flashCanyon Cinema

MOON NOTES (l980) l6mm., l1 min., color, silent

THE VISIT (Foreign Particles) (l980) 35mm. slide version, 75 min., b&w, sound

METROPOTAMIA (l982) l6mm., 25 min., color, sound, film for a zig-zag screen

THE JUDAS WINDOW (l982) l6mm., l5 min., color, silent

THE VISIT (l986) l6mm. film version, 30 min., black and white, sound. flashCanyon Cinema

REEL SIX, Charles Ludlam's Grand Tarot (l987) l6mm., 8 min., color, sound

MIRROR ON THE MOON (1992) 16mm., 100 min., color, sound

EL DÍA QUE ME QUIERAS(1997) 16mm., 30 min., color, sound. flashCanyon Cinema

PARADOX (2001) digital video, 30 min., color, sound. flashCanyon Cinema

EXHUMACIÓN (2007) digital video, 35 min.., color, sound

BLUEBEARD by CHARLES LUDLAM (1970/2012) video, 9.15 min., color, sound

12 mins., color, sound, continuous digital projection (2010)

THE ABSOLUTE ENCYCLOPEDIA (2010) video, 2 mins. color, sound

RHOMB (2011) digital video, 6 mins., color, sound

A LOVE FOR 3 OR 4 ORANGES (2015) digital video, 10 mins., color, sound

LOLA PASHALINSKI and MISS CUBBIDGE (2002) digital video, 25 mins., color, sound

JOHN VACCARO and THE THEATRE OF THE RIDICULOUS (2002) digital video, color, sound

OS.TEN.DE (2009) digital video, color, sound

MOUND (2024) digital video, color, sound

"Splits: Changing the Fantasmatic Scene" - Kaja Silverman
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