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This comprehensive series of installations gathers several works made about the information and the iconography of Ernesto Che Guevara’s final tragic campaign in Bolivia in 1967. The central research began in 1987 around the well-known and still anonymous photograph by Freddy Alborta who, together with a group of Bolivian journalists was allowed to view and to photograph the body of Che Guevara after his capture and execution at the hands of the Bolivian army, during a press conference that lasted twenty minutes in Vallegrande, Bolivia on October 10, 1967.
After succeeding to make contact and later to meet the photographer Freddy Alborta in La Paz, Bolivia, I began a series of trips to the Ñancahuazu region in the High Andes of Bolivia where Guevara conducted his last campaign. I returned from this first trip determined to begin a long term project, to make a documentary film and to start an investigation based on the documents and publications that I had gathered. A few months later I returned with a small film crew, we filmed an interview with Freddy Alborta and then travelled to the Ilabaya region to stage and film the pageant that appears in the film El Día Que Me Quieras. Although the film concentrates on the events surrounding the press conference and Alborta’s photographs, the historical and journalistic information that I had gathered during this period, immediately suggested the need to organize the information in a format that could allow an almost simultaneous reading of different accounts recorded in different military, historical and political journals. Since the information refers to specific dates and incidents recorded by the two sides of the struggle, and since the sources are often ideologically disparate and at times contradictory or erroneous, in gathering these specific entries day by day several observations become evident and point to what may be called the microhistorical events of the case which deserve close attention. The information gathered in 'ERNESTO CHE GUEVARA IN BOLIVIA: A Chronology' also incorporates new material, the result of discoveries and revelations published in recent years.

  'ERNESTO CHE GUEVARA IN BOLIVIA:A Chronology' is a compilation of quotes from several basic texts such as The Bolivian Diary by Ernesto Che Guevara, Che in Bolivia by Carlos Soria Galvarro, My Friend Che by Ricardo Rojo, How I Captured Che by Gen. Gary Prado Salmón, From Ñancahuazú to La Higuera - A. Cupull and F. González, Don't Shoot, I Am Che - Gen. Arnaldo Saucedo Parada, and The Great Rebel - Luis González & Gustavo Sánchez Salazar. It also includes quotes from diverse publications which are individually identified. Given that most of the books listed above were written soon after the incident, in consulting this material, I realized that it was essential to organize individual entries in a global manner and to focus on day by day reports listing police reports, military data and historical perspectives side by side with Che Guevara’s diary entries. The effect resulting from organizing these texts day by day or incident by incident in contiguity to one another was very disturbing. The pragmatic or reflexive tone of some entries is often paradoxical and tragic, particularly if the viewer/reader is able to follow them in the context of the Project For The Day You'll Love Me installations. The events related to Ernesto Che Guevara's last campaign in Bolivia continue to puzzle historians who wish to reconstruct an incident that, no matter how much data is gathered, remains clouded by impenetrable existential and ideological perspectives. Quoting fragments from these entries and gathering them in this fashion was an extraordinary personal discovery since the ‘Chronology’ reveals areas in the story where the passion and the pathos of this incident intersect and frame social and ideological conditions that are recurrent in Latin American life, demanding a closer look.  

Che Guevara in Bolivia: A Chronology


Project For The Day You'll Love Me - Betty Rymer Gallery - The Art Institute of Chicago


.Joaquín's Column, Project For The Day You'll Love Me - Apex Art, New York


Che/Loro - Book/Installation
CeDinCi (Centro de Documentación e Investigación de la Cultura de Izquierdas en la Argentina)

The Ghosts of Ñancahuazú - Photographs and essays by Freddy Alborta, John Berger, Jean Franco, Eduardo Grüner, Leandro Katz, Mariano Mestman and Jeffrey Skoller - Viper's Tongue Books, English and Spanish, 2010
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